AWS, CloudPrep notes – AWS Certified Associate Architect

Prep notes – AWS Certified Associate Architect

Preparing and successfully passing AWS CAA exam is an exciting journey. Congrats on making the decision to undertake this journey.

Here are some prep notes on AWS services that can augment your exam preparation. For me, they came in handy during the final days before the exam. This blog can serve as a good starting point for anyone planning to write the AWS certification exam. The notes in this blog are broken down by services. Each service is on a new page. For easy navigation link to all these services are at the bottom of every page. Good luck.

IAM | S3 |CloudFront | SQS | EC2 | RDS | Route53

Some resources, study material and tips that helped me prepare and get ready for the exam day.

  • Online course AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate 2020 by Ryan Kroonenburg. Great course to understand the concepts and various services. You can make a one time purchase (less than $20) and then course is available for life so you can study at your own pace. Try to view this at-least two times. You can also check out other online courses
  • Build VPC from memory during the last week before the exam. Understand subnets, CIDR range, security group, route tables, NACL, Nat Gateway, bastion host
  • Build and practice launch configuration, auto-scaling group, ALB, snapshots, SQS, Lamba, API Gateway, EC2 instances and S3 buckets/objects, calling ALB from Route53
  • Take 2-3 practice exams. Don’t get discouraged if you fail them
  • On AWS exam prep page, expand ‘Associate level AWS certifications’ and review ‘Solutions Architect’ section
    • Read AWS white papers in last one week before the exam
    • Read important FAQ’s specially ones listed on prep page
    • Review white papers on
      • Reliability
      • Performance Efficiency
      • Security
      • Operational Excellence
      • Cost Optimization
    • View exam readiness training video (free digital one) in last one week before the exam. Pay attention to High Availability, Multi-AZ, Fault Tolerant, Decouple architecture concepts. This set of videos give good insight in strategizing the answers.

Home | IAM | S3 |CloudFront | SQS | EC2 | RDS | Route53

15+ hours of training videos
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