Cloud, Google SheetsMoneytor – personal finance

Moneytor – personal finance

Monitor Personal finance using google sheet

Moneytor is a personal finance software for tech savvy enthusiasts. Moneytor is a Google sheet-addon that integrated with Plaid to download bank and credit card transactions into Google sheet.

Moneytor automatically downloads daily transactions and categorizes them saving you time and shows you up to date information of your finances every time you open it.

Moneytor consolidates all your bank accounts and credit cards, in one place. – in google sheet. Use the downloaded data to create charts and pivot tables to analyze your finances.

Moneytor does not store any of your login information. It uses Plaid’s link to the financial institution. Hence, before using it you have to setup a free account with Plaid and get a personal API keys. Read here about Plaid’s data security.

Moneytor store the API keys that you create in Plaid and no other information. Moneytor will connect and get transactions from your financial institution by calling Plaid API.

Moneytor compared to Quicken Starter plan

CompareQuicken StarterMoneytor
Manage your money on web + mobileyesyes
See all your accounts in one placeyesyes
Categorize your expenses automaticallyyesyes
Cost$35.99/year $29.00 once

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